Customer Service or Lack thereof

It seems to me that in this day and age that gaming companies are far more focused on maximising profits than creating a salubrious relationship with their customers, that is to say maintain a good PR. Microsoft’s membership offers for their Xbox One console demands paid subscription in order to access online multiplayer, something which ought not be a paid-for feature to begin with, did not make it any better that Sony decided to copy this ill business practise by demanding payment for online multiplayer with the advent of their Playstation 4 console. Nintendo is pretty much the only people who won’t demand for payment out of the big console providers. Distressing, might I add, is the decline in local multiplayer with more games favouring the online variety, but I’ll save that for a future blog post.

Customer support on the PC side of things is also worrisome. Trying to retrieve your old account from Steam is like pulling teeth. Lost your e-mail address? Tough luck. They will be incessant on demanding that you provide them it despite you not having it. Indeed, it requires almost full paper work to get back anything related to your old account.

With that being said, I can understand that they would want to improve and enstrengthen the security of their services to avoid scammers and bots from pinching or stealing account information especially since sensitive material such as credit cards are attached to the accounts.

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Proper introduction

Salutations, dear readership. I am a Brit of self-described humility stemming from the late eighties. My works that appear on this blog are the product of much musing, boredom, pontification and deliberations, but above all linguistic exploration. What you shall expect from this blog, do I hear you say? Well, strictly speaking anything that I fancy, but I keep it within the bounds of poetry, fiction, linguistic articles and reviews, occasionally I will perhaps write a personal post, if I feel like it.

Currently studying English Studies at my local university which is pretty fascinating, but my real interest lies in everything linguistic, so presumably I will pursue my interests at a different university altogether. Problem is, that this local government of mine, in Denmark that is, is hellbent on making the life of a student as stress-inducing and toilsome as possible. Cutting down on study time and rushing people out into jobs.

Indeed, it has severely effected my life. So I won’t be able to post here as regularly as I would like to, therefore don’t expect a strict schedule for when I post things.

This should perhaps be as sufficient an introduction as possible

Until then,

Stay safe.


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First blog post

This is the very first blog post. Please do excuse its lack of information since I have just started it, for your trouble here is a picture that was added automatically to the post. I totally didn’t just edit this default first-post! I swear!


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