The name is Ace, but  I go by Aestivius on the Internet. I usually post poetry or fiction on this blog, my main blog is currently in the process of being revamped, but is located at myriadleaves.eu. My main authorial influences include John Milton, John Tolkien, Douglas Adams as well as Wilfred Owen and Arthur C. Clarke. Currently working on a later project called Wyrmsbane, an adaptation of an old epic of mine stretching 5 years back in time. Other ongoing projects include a science fiction comedy called Bob and Jim as well as miscellaneous other projects. I will occasionally also post linguistic articles as well as reviews of stuff such as films, music and games. I am foremost a video gamer and author, the combination no doubt produces some interesting literature.

My writing style is what some would call a tad archaic or even old fashioned, indeed, Wyrmsbane is written in 16th century English akin to the King James Bible, albeit I try to keep a moderate balance so it does not descend into extravagant tushery. Tolkien, I believe, was the master of this style of writing so my writing can perhaps be called somewhat derivative of this. My non-Fantasy works are more in line with modern English spliced with colloquialisms from British English bearing to Yours Truly’s upbringing, which is a bit of a mixed beast, with no straight derivation.